Dear U.S. Atomic Energy Commission & Others


United States Atomic Energy Commission
And Others

Hundreds of mines
Still sit open
To wind and air
Uranium dust
Covering communities
Entering waterways
Indians must be expendable
Unlike these toxins
That won’t go away
We still hear those miners
Sent to their deaths
Bone Blood
Organs Hair

© Melissa Fry Beasley 1997
Written in regards to all the mining that went on throughout the 1980’s and is still going on in many reservations.

3 thoughts on “Dear U.S. Atomic Energy Commission & Others

  1. Thank you for honoring and blessing my precious Dine with your words and thoughts. Yes, injustice is radioactive and dangerous for the good soul. On behalf of the thousands of families and hundreds and hundreds of Dine uranium miners….THANK YOU for remembering our fight and endurance in overcoming this crime against humanity,

  2. Thank you for your continued fight and resistance in this. You touch and inspire many lives. I stand in solidarity with you. The decisions we are making now are imperative and with such deperately serious repercussions. We are not only choosing for ourselves but are choosing for generations to come. We are fighting for the only one who can give us life and sustain us, our Mother. There is no real choice but to stand up and speak out. The only road is to see this through to the end. Exploitation of our natural resources has got to stop, we have to make a conscious effort to learn more sustainable lifeways. It doesn’t matter if it’s mining, fracking, deforesting …… Economic development at the cost of our planet is not enrichment at all. Thank you for the very kind words, I am humbled.

  3. My words always come from my heart of the softest virgin buffalo calf hide. A fighting spirit comes from not a heart of stone or rock but of the softness of the powerful lightning eagle plume that many cannot see, feel, or understand….as I was told once many years ago. Hope you keep writing,

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