Secret Altar

a prayer candles

Lips swollen with hungry longing
You knelt humbly before me
Moistness leaving a glimmering trail of slippery
Trickling at my thigh
You have eagerly
Come to drink me in
Memorize the quenching wetness
Of my song
Fingers fumble at borders of fabric
Seeking out hidden places
Crevices meant for finding
You have slept in all my caverns
Each surrounding you close and warm
My body has willingly been your playground
Often you have come
Into this temple
I have loved your ways of worship
Who have climbed and crept carefully
Through my lush gardens
You have bathed in the waters
Of my rapture
Watched needfully
The always growing moon
You have run your thick fingers
Through these luminous Stars and
Touched each planet
Dangling in my capacious heaven
You gaze ever more intently
As you spread open
This sweet fruit
Of creation
And begin
To pray in earnest
At your secret altar

© Melissa Fry Beasley 2012

5 thoughts on “Secret Altar

  1. Hi Melissa, my first time here and enjoying looking and reading around… This piece did catch me first time – intensely felt and richly realised, it is quite an achievement. I also really liked the earlier poem about your grandmother – especially the last few lines: “I found… blowing in the breeze/soaking in the sun/as this blanket was just hanging there.” very skilfull and beautiful ending, I thought.
    I will be back for more! With Best Wishes Scott

  2. Erotic writing less blatant than my own, but still finding spirituality in it, which is altogether proper. I’ll be reading more if I do not lose reference to this blog. Enjoyed!

  3. This is so full-on, it’s incredible. Read it quite a few times now, taking ages to come to grips with it. You are nature, yet it’s your humanity that speaks, not your: confident, dominant, prepossessant self that dominates the script. seriouslt Rood!

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