War Torn

chernobyl wildlife
Chernobyl Wildlife

The eyes caught me
Bomb -shattered and tired.
Time stretched on
In them for eternities.
I could see everything
They had captured within them.
Full of knowledge and expectation.
Thunder of war
Lightening of quick death;
The dead that rose to haunt him defiantly.
He had entered places forbidden,
Touching death
Walked over sleeping bodies.
Days measured out
Though life can make
Opportunity for outcasts.
He lay where shadows of past
Still fell heavy and menacing.
Locked in the cool darkness
Of blue-black rooms
Every valuable thing
Was taken from him.
Life flows away
Faster than the passage of age.
Only in sleep
Will you be hacked to pieces.
Only in the resting
Will you be made a martyr.

© 2012 Melissa Fry Beasley


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