A Poem For St. Valentine’s Day


You Tell Me ….

My voice is soft
An ancient song
Not yet gone faint
Light like stirring air
Beneath the wing
Of a butterfly
Or paint brush petals
Of Desert Chicory
Swaying with music of the wind
Sound of water
Tickling stones
In the bottom
Of an endless river of love
You tell me my voice
Permeates everything
Warms like a bleary sun
In the big- dream painted Oklahoma sky
(That seems to reach around the world)
You say my voice
Gently and sweetly caresses you
Inside and out
Lulling like lullabies
Weaving stories
Soaking darkness like night
Drapes drawn to bright morning
Prayers uttered while most slumber
Offerings made in your honor
Spring rains not danced for
Quenching and falling
My dark hair
Against your chest
While we are making
Universes together
You say my voice
Gives you everything
You think you will ever need
And that with my song
You can die happy.

© Melissa Fry Beasley 2011


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