My Anagram Poem


Television programming/ permeating living rooms
Evangelist/ evil’s agent
Sycophant/ acts phony
This/ shit/ hits
Sunshine and shadow/ show in sun and shade
A domesticated animal/ docile, as man tamed it
The meaning of life?/ the fine game of nil
I run to escape/ a persecution
Listen/ silent
The eyes/ they see
Astronomers/ moon starers/ no more stars
A telescope/ to see place
Real fun?/ funeral
A rope ends it/ desperation

© 2013 Melissa Fry Beasley, All Rights Reserved

Anagrams are the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase.


22 thoughts on “My Anagram Poem

  1. Thank you Melissa. I was never aware that “listen” and “silent” were anagrams of each other. To me it makes perfect sense.
    I will go in silence so I may listen.

  2. Hallo Melissa danke schön für deinen Besuch ,bin sehr erfreut wünsche dir einen schönen Tag ,die Sonne scheint was will man mehr schönen Wochenstart Klaus

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