1st Rain


1st Rain

I will come
to you
like the first rain,
fragrant and trusting.
Scent of honeysuckle and full moons,
smell of soft black soil.
Cool and pale skin of silence
which unwinds forever from its spool,
and passes through us like water
with fingers that flow like rivers
covered in a diamond flesh.

My body is a delicate egg
which waits for you
who would break open its shell.
I love to sit
upon your lips
like a sweet obsession,
thick and sticky
moving toward my end.
It is a divine hunger, this creation.

On the road
darkness comes
leaving behind scattered stars.
Tomorrow a song shall ripen and fall.
Delicate moths have just been born
and they are already
wildly winging their way
toward light’s oblivion.
I am on the threshold of love &
in my next breath I will be yours.

© 2013 Melissa Fry Beasley, All Rights Reserved


8 thoughts on “1st Rain

  1. “Another eternal! These inklings into your very well screened soul/ mind, are literary photographs which will remain here, long after these finite times have gone. I havn’t actually finished analysing but, it’s an incredible insight; showing you Melissa. Much better when read in poem-form.”

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  3. Melissa: This is my first visit to your site. I am blown away like the Cottonwood fluff on a strong wind. You have amazing talent. I will be back often.
    I love your poem “1st Rain”: “tomorrow a song shall ripen and fall”… “in my next breath I will be yours”.
    oooh, sweet, sensitive writing.


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