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Melissa Fry Beasley is a Humanistic poet of Cherokee origin, who resides in Oklahoma. Through the written and spoken word, she examines the gap between the ideal and the reality involved in living in our world during this time. Her work is both personal and subjective, yet she does not turn aside from the political and social issues of her environment. She is a woman who seeks to express her individual perspective and needs while accepting the diversity involved in questions of gender, race and culture. Melissa believes that change is necessary and deploys her writing to reflect her personal experience in the wider sociopolitical context. She is Assistant Editor for Churn Magazine and is a Columnist at Yareah Magazine.

You can find her work in print and online in Indian Country Today Media Network, Native News Today, The Native American Encyclopedia, FirstPeople.Us, Working Effectively With Aboriginal People, Churn Magazine, Big River Poetry Review, Daily Love, Leaves Of Ink, The Alzheimer’s Foundation, Poetry Bulawayo, Stepping Stones Magazine, Moov Magazine, Tuck Magazine, The Dandelion Farm Review, Lake City Lights, Galatea Resurrects, Eos: The Creative Context, Ken*Again, The Shot Glass Journal, The Fib Review, Dog On A Chain Press, The Political Poet, Enhance Magazine, A&U Magazine, The Glass Coin, Poetry Pacific, Yareah Magazine, In Stereo Press, Sound Of Poetry Review, Untitles With Passengers, Clockwise Cat, W.I.S.H., Cuento Magazine, The Magill Review, and others. She has two chapbooks as well as ‘Red Corn Songs’ forthcoming.


42 thoughts on “About

  1. I am as hustler panting for water to quench my dry throat on the desert where there is no oasis for your poems.

  2. thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Now it’s time for me to check out what you got going on here.

  3. Hey Melissa

    Thanks for checking in on my humanity, which has me checking in on yours ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve got to say I’ve never heard the expression “red dirt”. It’s beautiful, your pride of where you’re at, just never heard the expression “red dirt”.

    Shall have to check you out more now – you have me intrigued ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The frog is a great “hook” Melissa. I really like it.

    Thanks for visiting The Baby And The Bathwater. I do appreciate it. Looks like you took a bit of a look around there so I shall return the favour.

    Peace be with you.

  5. HI! Thank you for your “follow” and “likes” on my blog today! I was amazed to see them flooding in! I had a chance to look at yours just now, and your work is beautiful! You seem to be a multi-talented and passionate artist and activist! Hurray and power to you!

  6. Usually, words come easy to me. The flow of words, how they sound, how they feel and what I want them to convey. But every now and then, I am left without words to express what I feel or what I would like to say. You wandered onto my site, and left without a word. But you opened up and read, nearly every word I have ever said. You have touched my heart, you have inspired me to do more and best of all, you have led me back to your blog, where I now discover the beauty of the words you have in store. The pleasure is all mine.

    • I read it all because I’ve got a torrid love affair with well written words. You are highly effective in conveying the message you mean to get across. You share in a very exciting and unique way. Not to make mention of the fact that you present such relevant content that one does not easily find elsewhere. It was especially kind of you to notice i’d even been nosing about. For me to leave YOU speechless, WOW! That is really something. ‘blushes’ Thank you.

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