8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thank you my dear, you have inspired me. It may not be very good, but I have done some poetry.

    Having written technical journals and been an active painter, a photographer of late, it is only logical that I try my hand at prose. Reading your blog has led me in that direction.

    I would at least like to introduce you to our fellow blogger Seth and his project called “Your Story”… I would love to see your submissions. See my piece on his site… (it always goes with a photo)…

    “The grass, ‘pressed under snow and frost for so long, turns face and blade to the certainty of spring storms. And the trees blossom at the mere anticipation of rain, and wave branched arms in joy with the wind. We humans hide in the safety of our barn, afraid of wind and rain, but they do not hide. They rejoice.”


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