Eos: The Creative Context


Has published “Chinle” written by me.

As an aside i’ll take a moment to make a few exciting announcements …..

Churn Magazine has done a feature spread on my poetry. My work will be added to their web site, as well as a web version of the magazine available for purchase, by the month’s end. Special thanks to Jeff Monje and the entire Churn staff! They totally rocked and were really great to work with!

I will also be included in the April edition of A&U Magazine with two poems. (print and online) Thank you Brent Calderwood!

Thanks so much to each of you for being open and willing to share this journey with me. (not to mention read loads of poetry at random intervals) I write because It is inside me and share out of love. It is an especially beautiful gift when that is returned in the form of your continued reading, following, and sharing. The emails mean so much, as well as your likes and comments. (about emails, I promise to respond though delayed it may be)


My Anagram Poem


Television programming/ permeating living rooms
Evangelist/ evil’s agent
Sycophant/ acts phony
This/ shit/ hits
Sunshine and shadow/ show in sun and shade
A domesticated animal/ docile, as man tamed it
The meaning of life?/ the fine game of nil
I run to escape/ a persecution
Listen/ silent
The eyes/ they see
Astronomers/ moon starers/ no more stars
A telescope/ to see place
Real fun?/ funeral
A rope ends it/ desperation

© 2013 Melissa Fry Beasley, All Rights Reserved

Anagrams are the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase.