Almost – D.G.J.



“ Our little envelope of time we share during the hustle and bustle of these green country days in Oklahoma like constellations of yore or some intergalactic planetary Z world. Sometimes two meet in harmony, come together and orbit around each other. At first a tender orbit that starts in a moment & leads to clasping, gripping, kissing, licking, holding into a thrust & release. Release back from each other and their orbit ….back to their worlds …back to their separateness….for a moment until the arc begins again. “ (he said)

What you didn’t do was sing to me one more time before said release.
There was no rain to save me from the drought cracking away at my spirit.
What you didn’t do was even ask before you ran. (again)
You assumed he would mean more than you,
or hold some sacred place he had never touched or known.
You didn’t see my world crumbling and falling around me.
You never really stepped inside.
I have spent the last 1097 nights alone.
With some days more bleak than this longing since your absence.
I recite you every moment like a prayer or poem.
How can I forget the sudden ferocity of our commingling
Here where more than flesh remembers,
in faint drawn out sounds.
I am but a ghost walking empty streets
draped in great stars of white hoarfrost,
in time that thickens and closes around me.
This is written with brushes
made from the bones of what could have been.
You folded my heart like it was paper and crushed it beneath your shoe.
(she said)

© 2013 Melissa Fry Beasley, All Rights Reserved


Endings Begin Thus Quietly

The fortune cookie at dinner read,
“ You will make many changes before settling down happily”.
In that moment, I knew there was more to love than you.
Strange the way something so simple can speak in signs, significations.
The way omens are visions and we will suddenly see what is sitting before us.
I knew the road behind had not led me to you, so much as to this place.
Where I would awaken within and see that there was another thing
I was meant to be doing this entire time.
Years wasted and gone in what was never anything more
than pictures we painted for those watching.

© 2013 Melissa Fry Beasley, All Rights Reserved

How I Knew


How I Knew

There was the way
I felt you moving inside me
From the beginning
And the way
I knew the heat
Of your touch
Against the suppleness
Of my skin
The exact weight
Of my body leaning into yours
As we stand on porches
Looking across plains
That reach with
Eternal fingers stretching
Everywhere prairies
Roam and roll
But never as far
As this beauty we share
In these perfect moments
Meant only for us

I know the
Way the smell
Of coffee mixes
With your kiss
On cold mornings
And the sound
The plate of bread
Makes as it hits
The table I happily
Prepare for you
The way newness
And knowledge open
And grow in you
Excited like a flame
That will not
Be extinguished

There was the way I knew
Where you were always meant to be
No magic or ritual
There is no ceremony for love
But the birthing & growing
Of the visions we see
Bringing blessings with us
Into the waking world
As well as the
Houses we build
In the places of spirit
Things put away
On the other side

© 2013 Melissa Fry Beasley, All Rights Reserved


I Recall

the way your secret
brook swells like
oceans of
the skin as I kiss you here
there & everywhere

You are soft
streams rippling beneath
fingers that
have memorized the number
of breaths between us

The spaces
that separate and
divide us
Until we have figured out
the way together

© 2013 Melissa Fry Beasley, All Rights Reserved