She Came Shining

Used With Margo’s Permission.

She Came Shining
For Margo Tamez

All the things we have swallowed back
Everything that has been taken away
Hidden and fallen beneath the cracks
To silently wizen and die
In spaces where we are neither and both
In places where we are borderlands
She came shining
Stood up beside us
Taking our hand
Naming our nightmares
Speaking them slowly out of power
Farther from where we must be
Walking between worlds
Without belonging to either

© Melissa Fry Beasley 2013

Written in honor of Margo Tamez for her birthday. There is not enough that could be said, or any one talented enough to sum this Woman up in a limited number of lines. She could never be reduced to pages. The gifts and example she has given so many people make her a true heroine and inspiration to human kind, Indigenous Peoples everywhere, Women, and anyone, struggling to understand and find their strength and voice in this world.
There is an endless list of words that come to mind when I think about the lessons she has taught. Her impact ripples and grows. May it continue to do so always.