W.I.S.H. has two of my poems up!! Thank you Jeremiah Walton.


Walking Is Still Honest has two of my poems up here.


‘Twist Of Fate’ Anthology out now!! Essay @ The Magill Review!


The ‘Twist Of Fate’ anthology which raises money for the victims of the Moore tornado, is available for purchase here. Kindle version here.

I currently have an essay at The Magill Review here.


10 Poems @ ‘Sound Of Poetry Review’! Wow!!

13 - 1

Sound Of Poetry Review has 10 of my poems up!!! Thank you SOOO much!!! Super exciting that! They can be read here.


BREAKING: Construction of KXL Pump Station Shut Down in Oklahoma

Earth First! Newswire

Eight lock down to construction equipment in largest action yet by the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance.

from Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance

[UPDATE:Nine people have been arrested. You can donate to their bail fund athttp://gptarsandsresistance.org/donate/ and share this around. They managed to shut down the site until a volunteer firefighter reportedly injured one of the lockdowners, who is in the ambulance currently and whose injuries are unknown to us. Folks soonafter unlocked out of concerns for their safety.]

Seminole, OK – Early this morning, eight individuals blocked construction of a pump station for TransCanada’s controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline on Seminole land-by-treaty by locking on to equipment in the largest action yet by the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance. The group took action today, physically halting the construction process, as a part of an effort to prevent the Great Plains from being poisoned by inherently…

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In Stereo Press has my poem ‘Courtesy Of Skin’ up now!!


‘Courtesy of Skin’ is up here @ In Stereo Press, many thanks to the lovely Daniel Dissinger!!!


Fit Inside Him – from Red Corn Songs


Bareback Lit has included my poem ‘Fit Inside Him’ from Red Corn Songs here.
(Part way down the page)

As always, “My Roots” is here.